Welcome to Wessel’s Website!

Just like our products, this website was made to be mounth watering. We want to share with you the century-old passion we have for the whole universe of meat. Since the opening of the first Wessel Butchery, still in Hungary, 1830, little over 180 years went by. Fortunately, a lot has changed since then – today, we produce approximately one million hamburgers every month and we supply meat for 800 restaurants and hotels across Brazil retail. With dignity and respect, we want to continue sharing this passion with you. Everything done so that when facing the grill or the stove you keep turning good meat into unforgettable dishes. And just for that we have a blog with a lot of information, recipes, videos and much more.

Close to 200 Years of Dedication

Our long history is marked by achievements, innovation and experience. But in order to tell a little about what made Wessel the Wessel, we summarized our history for you... It is good to remember that we have started in 1830, in Hungary. This way, our family tradition has endured for almost 200 years, with recipes passed from father to son and daughter, and a passion for meat that runs in our blood; or better, in the flesh, so we keep on the theme! There are five generations that cannot stop thinking about cooking the entire time.

Our History - Wessel

Brazil became our home in 1957, when the French ship Provence docked in the port of Santos. In addition to our great experience with meat, we also brought with us the typical Immigrant courage and the will to win. Over the following years, we have contributed in the development of the meat market throughout the Country and we have presented our cuts and products to the Brazilian people. Within little time, we helped to establish the Rump Cap (Picanha), as well as the art of barbecuing, as a national favorite. In 1969, we introduced the aged meat technique, thus establishing the end of the tuff meat. This was the first great change that we made in the meat market. From then on, with tender meat, making barbecue every week was just a leap!

First Branch

This is was a shock! In December 19 th , 1974, we opened our second store, the first Butchery without Butchers, at Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, South Zone of São Paulo, and with that, a whole new concept for selling meat.

Always Innovating

Carpaccio, which today is present in thousands of restaurants through Brazil, was one of our innovations. In 1980, the extremely thin cut of raw meat, created at Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy, would provide our brand with an effect that was until then unthinkable. In 30 years, we have sold no less than 10 million packs with 250g of carpaccio. A successful case! In 1985, we got the cover article of Veja SP Magazine and, in the words of Editor Marco Antonio de Rezende: “almost 30 years after the first Butchery, the family1s name became something like a sophistication mark, the true brand of good meat. One cannot find in São Paulo other such perfect carpaccio or better or more tasteful Rump Cap (Picanha).”

Paths to Success

In 1989, we began our incursion in restaurants and hotels. Aware of the Brazilian’s love for hamburgers, we invested in an exclusive line of special burgers, shifting the hamburger from the common shelf and placing it as one of the most desired products due to its secret formula (only bovine meat and fat). After that, with the creation of the first Hamburger Restaurants, our burgers became a reference and, today, the Hamburger Restaurants became a passion throughout Brazil. The success of Wessel meats in retail would reach its peak in 1995, when we signed contracts with large supermarket chain that always gave special attention to our line of products.

Faria Lima Store, Fortyish

Always prestigious by the demanding customers, in 2014 the store completed 40 years of existence! A landmark!

This is a little about our history and we proudly say that “Wessel meats are hand-picked” (and they really are), since they are handicraft produced with raw material of the bet quality and with the Wessel’s personal supervision. Yes, they exist! Wessel is not only a brand; it is our family’s name! Now that you know a little about our history, you should explore our website a little further. This is a space for you to know more about our products and its features. In our blog you may find good recipes to improve your barbecues, lunches and dinners even more. Whenever you are in need, just call us. We are at your disposal!

Hand-picked Meat

Anyone with the opportunity of enjoying one of our cuts acknowledges the history behind the Wessel brand. In 2018, we will celebrate our 60th anniversary. This is not a simple thing!