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10 good reasons you should use our meat

Our history with meat began in 1830, in Hungary. Family tradition and passion with almost 200 years of history not only deserve your curiosity, but also your table. To talk a little more about the excellence of our products, we thought about 10 good reasons.

Our Food Service Products

When you need it, in the amount that your recipe asks for. Get to know the lines we offer for food service.


Present in the best burger restaurants.

Minced Meat

Selected cuts for your minced meat.


The perfect portion for our customer.

Still need more

Our meats in Controlled Portions are always aged. The meat aging is a natural meat tenderizing process and was introduced in Brazil by Wessel in 1969. The meat is vacuum packed and remains stored at 0° C for 21 to 30 days, and in this period the tenderizing occurs naturally. The products presented next are references of a few products we sell. We respect the way each customer works and that is why we offer our meats in several presentations and packages. In the packages we include the auxiliary label, with the dish name and weight, because we always want to make easier our customer’s life in the busy kitchen.

Hand-picked Meat

Anyone with the opportunity of enjoying one of our cuts acknowledges the history behind the Wessel brand. In 2018, we will celebrate our 60th anniversary. This is not a simple thing!