Cortes Bovinos

The best beef cuts parts handpicked to make your next barbecue a unforgettable experience!

The juicier part of the Striploin.

Bife Ancho

The juicier part of the Striploin made famous by the Argentines and applauded by the Brazilian.

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Chorizo Steak

This is the cut which made Argentinian beef famous across the globe. One of its names in the USA is NY Strip Loin and it is the main dish in renowned restaurants. With the increase of quality in Brazilian beef, this cut is getting more and more fans here.

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Another delicious idea from Argentina!
Synonym of Barbecue.


Sirloin is a cut with unique flavor, particular texture and many other reasons for developing the fame it holds.

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The Flank Steak came to fight and stay as one of the best meats in the barbecue. Interestingly: it is a meat with little fat and even so very juicy. The texture is unique, you can identify the Flank Steak with your eyes closed.

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Little fat and really juicy.
Beef and beef fat!

Big Burger de Picanha

Responding to surveys with our loyal customers, we launched the Big Rump Cap (Picanha) Burger. It is Wessel’s largest burger, with 200g of pure taste and juiciness. Due to its larger size, it gets even juicier. You don’t believe that? Then, try it!

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Cortes Bovinos

Nobody can argue with the taste of pork. Currently, it is a light meat due to the developments in creation and feeding. It is even useful for those on a diet, if you are able to eat with moderation...

Traditional in all barbecues

Linguiça Calabresa

It is the mother of all sausages that are essential in the beginning of barbecues. The sausage sharpens the taste and prepares our appetite for what comes next: the barbecue, which is our national sport – sorry, dish!

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Linguiça Calabresa Picante

The Spicy has the same weight as the Regular Calabrese. Pure pork with just a little, very little Calabrese pepper. If you find it too spicy, slice it thinner. It looks like magic, but it isn’t.

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For who likes some spicy taste!
Beginning of all good barbecues.

Costela de Porco

The famous pork ribs have won the popular taste. As all ribs, it is juicy and filled with flavor, with barbecue sauce it gets unbeatable and improves in taste at every bite.

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Linguiça de Lombo

This is the lighter sausage we have. Much more smooth in flavor, due to its low fat. It should not be over cooked so it won’t get too dry.

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The lighter of all Sausages.
The sausage with more finely minced pork.

Linguiça Toscana

This is the sausage with the smallest pieces of pork. The texture is more delicate than the other pork sausages. It is perfectly spicy, but not too strong, do not worry.

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Salsicha Branca

With smooth seasoning, no color added, and thicker casing, weighting 120g, it is a delicious meal!

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With smooth seasoning and larger.
With garlic and a large size.

Sausage with Garlic

A thicker 120 g hot-dog sausage. It’s like the Vienna Sausage, but with more garlic.

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Linguiça Calabresa Aperitivo

The ideal size for a happy hour dish.

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The ideal size for a happy hour dish.

Cortes Cordeiro

The Brazilians are carnivores! We love beef, pork and, of course, lamb! You can recognize the lamb flavor with your eyes closed and that is the reason of its success!

An elegant and beautiful cut

Pernil de Cordeiro

In the oven or the grill, in a couple of hours you can make several people feel like walking on the clouds. It is an elegant and beautiful cut, the leg of lamb is the flagship of many happy lunches and dinners.

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Lombo de cordeiro

Tasteful and really quick to prepare. Just grill and serve! Just about 7 to 8 minutes only.

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Just grill and serve!
Rack of Lamb!

Carré de Cordeiro

An extremely practical cut. From an appetizer cut bone to bone to a dinner for your closest friends. Great in the grill, oven or barbecue.

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When it is time to call the gang and decide how much meat is necessary, we can give you a hand. Click here and calculate how much to buy.


Hand-picked Meat

Anyone with the opportunity of enjoying one of our cuts acknowledges the history behind the Wessel brand. In 2018, we will celebrate our 60th anniversary. This is not a simple thing!